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Back to School Bed Bug Night

When your kids go back to school, you can be certain that they are going to bring home a few viruses and sniffle-bugs. You might also want to be on the lookout for a bug of the six-legged type. With the increase in bed bug outbreaks and infestations, the chances are you might be in for a blood sucking invasion.

Crouching bed bug hidden problem


Bed bugs know how to hide. Sometimes the only way you find a bed bug problem is when you start getting bit. Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers. Your kids bring their backpacks and books to school every day. When cool weather arrives, jackets and coats can be added to their accessories. If one family has bed bugs in their home, all it takes is one wandering bed bug to find a backpack. Once the child arrives at school, the bed bug climbs out and has an entire classroom of students to feast upon. New bed bugs hatch every six to sixteen days. It will not take very long for a few hitchhikers to overwhelm a classroom. Once their numbers peak, new bed bugs will be hiding in coats and backpacks and arriving at your home.

Keep Bed Bugs at Bay

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There are thing you can do to reduce the threat of insect conquest. Have your kid keep their belongings in a plastic container. If a bed bug hops into a crayon or colored box, it will not be able to escape from the plastic and enter your home. Another way to prevent bed bugs is through education. Teach your children to bring home only what is necessary. If they do not need to bring home that math book, tell them to leave it at school. The last way to prevent bed bugs is to hang up coats and jackets in the garage. If bed bugs make it into a coat or jacket, they will be sorely disappointed when they crawl out and realize they are stuck in the garage. If bed bugs make it through all of your defenses, you still have a way to eliminate them. Green Pest Services is your solution to any bed bug infestation. Our trained technicians will stop the bed bugs. If you have an infestation, give us a call.