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Do You Have These 5 Wasp Attractors Around Your Home?

Late summer and early fall is when wasps become prolific and aggressive. To protect yourself from these dangerous pests, consider these four things around your home that may be attracting wasps this time of year:

1. A Water Source

Bird baths, ponds, and leaky faucets all provide wasps with that one basic that we all need to survive: water. When water evaporates into the air, wasps can follow its scent for up to a mile to reach your precious water supply.

2. A Food Supply

To prepare for winter hibernation, late summer and early fall give wasps a sweet tooth. Keep trash bins in your garage or away from your home’s perimeter, and clean up around the fruit trees in your yard.

3. Overhangs

Wasps build hanging nests, and to build a hanging nest you need an overhang. That’s way your eaves, porch ceilings, and other overhangs are ideal locations when wasps are home shopping. Corner spots are particularly favored.

4. Wood

Another key component of a wasp nest is wood fiber, so proximity to wooden materials is a plus. This can include decks, patio furniture, and picnic tables, but more importantly can include wood siding and roof lines, as these also make good hibernation spots.

Stinging insects can put your family’s safety at risk and make stepping outdoors a frightening experience. If your Fairfax home has become a favorite hangout for a wasp colony, contact Green Pest Services. Our reliable experts will help you get your yard back and restore your peace of mind.