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2016 Green Scholarship Winners

Green Pest Services is proud to announce the winners of the 2016 scholarship. These students have proved to be hard-working members of their community who strive to be the best that they can be. We wish each of them the best as they go their various ways. Congratulations!

Annie Saavedra Pic

Annie Saavedra

Annie has been accepted to study at Virginia Commonwealth University and plans on studying occupational therapy. Throughout her high school career, she has put her best foot forward volunteering with various organizations including the Centerville United Methodist Church, Ormond Stone Middle School and Argentina’s Children’s Day. She has grown passionate about giving back to the community and hopes to do as much as she possibly can.

Annie says that she is pursuing a career in occupational therapy because the love she has for her sister. Annie’s older sister was diagnosed with meningoencephalitis; a condition in which Annie describes is like having a “mind of a baby.” After going to several appointments with her sister and seeing the way the occupational therapist helped her sister’s development, she grew an interest for the field and decided to pursue it.

Aside from school, volunteering and helping her family, Annie enjoys art. She hopes that she will be able to one-day use occupational therapy and art as another way to help others. During the summer, Annie plans to continue applying for scholarships, finding coupons and collecting aluminum cans. Green Pest is proud to have Annie as our 2016-scholarship recipient and is rooting for her in all of her future endeavors!

David Mullen Pic

David Mullen

David recently graduated from Buffalo Gap High School and has been accepted to study at Concord University in Athens, WV this fall, majoring in environmental sciences. He best describes himself as a hard worker who excels in the classroom and on the football field. David played three years varsity, served as a team captain his senior year, and volunteered with Little League Flag Football. He will continue his athletic endeavors in college representing the Mountain Lions.

Outside of school and sports, David enjoys being outdoors in nature. As an outdoorsman, he grew up dreaming of working for the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to protect forests and rivers for generations to come. He believes that educating others on the importance of natural resources and its protection is of utmost importance for our future.

Before heading off to college, David will continue working at Mullins Home Improvements to help his family and continue working out. David is described by his math teacher and football coach as a young man who is hard working, intelligent and a joy to be around. We are excited to support David in his future endeavors and know that he will be a great asset to the Mountain Lions community!

Shanella Weatherless Pic

Shanella Weatherless

Shanella is a graduating senior from Armstrong High School and has been accepted to study at Richard Bland College of William and Mary this fall. She plans on obtaining her Associate’s of Art Degree and eventually transferring to a university to study Psychology with a minor in French. Shanella maintained a 3.4 GPA while also participating in Environmental, Foreign Language, and the Key Club.

She has been a positive influence on her fellow classmates with her involvement at Richmond Peace Education Center since 8th grade. Shanella raised $1,000 in funding to educate youth and teens about major issues in the community. She also earned over 140 hours of community service.

On top of that, she interned at two top brand companies, Capital One and UPS Freight. The experience she has gained has led her to become passionate about psychology and all it has to offer. She wants to be able to study the human behavior and help to advance the awareness of mental health, specifically depression. Ultimately, she wants to be able to give back to her community.

Before beginning her college career, Shanella will spend her summer expanding her knowledge on the French language, hanging out with family and friends, and finding more volunteer opportunities. We are proud to have Shanella as our 2016 scholarship recipient and know she will continue doing amazing work in the community!

Marlene Morales Pic

Marlene Morales

Marlene is a graduating senior from Albert Einstein High School in Silver Spring, Maryland and has been accepted to study at Montgomery College this fall. After two years, she plans on transferring to a university to major in dentistry. Throughout her years in high school, Marlene was a three-season sport athlete, a member of Future Business Leaders of America and part of the Jaime Escalante Hispanic Honor Society.

At nine years old, Marlene and her family travelled exactly 1,736 miles to get to Chicago not knowing any English. She watched both her parents educate themselves and surpass obstacles, which ultimately taught her the importance of education and family. She says that the sacrifices they made for her is what has given her the opportunity to further her education and she will continue to do so until she can help to support them.

Marlene’s drive to excel is noticed in the classroom as her teachers describe her as a determined student who is a good role model for other students. During the summer, Marlene will continue spending time with her family and working at Gary M.

We at Green congratulate Marlene for her outstanding accomplishments inside and outside of the classroom. We know that you will do great things at Montgomery College and with anything that comes your way!

Wei Shueh Pic

Wei Shueh

Wei recently graduated from Wilde Lake High School and has been accepted to study at the University of Maryland Baltimore. He plans on studying Mechanical Engineering to learn about how certain devices work and how to innovate them to help improve the world we live in. Throughout his high school years, Wei was part of the National Honor Society and Math Honor Society. His participation in these activities allowed him to discover his passion for helping others and influenced him to seek other ways to give back to the community.

Wei has been a tutor at Kumon for the past couple of years, volunteered with the non-profit Best Buddies, and participated in Club LEAP (Learning English After School Program). Wei has also challenged himself to explore opportunities outside of his comfort zone with activities such as JV Football, JV Basketball and Class Council. Throughout these experiences, he has been able to develop qualities such as responsibility, perseverance and leadership.

He maintained a 4.0 GPA in high school and hopes to continue working on getting good grades at the University of Maryland Baltimore. During the summer, Wei will continue tutoring, volunteering with intellectually and developmentally challenged students, and spending time with family and friends. We are proud to help Wei pursue higher education and know that he will do great things in this next chapter of his life! From the Green Pest Services staff, congratulations Wei!