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4 Outdoor Tips to Pest-Proof your Home


Spring has sprung! With the delights of the warmer weather also comes a long to-do list for homeowners. One of the important benefits of spring yard cleanup is that it helps protect your home from pesky springtime invaders.

Here are

Spiders — Do They Get a Bad Rap?


It seems we’ve vastly under-appreciated spiders as a species. We scream when we see them, squash them with our shoes, and even write whole horror movies about them. Come to find out, however, arachnids are supremely important to the world’s …

Spring Pest Series: Bring on the Bees!


Even though the calendar doesn’t make it official for another week, spring is definitely in the air! That wonderful warmer weather, however, brings with it an increased number of pests to watch out for. In fact, you can take the …

Spiders—Robot or Real?


One of the most common fears of humanity, besides public speaking, of course, is the fear of spiders. As much as 30% of the population suffers from at least some level of arachnophobia, not surprising given that they are one …

Baltimore Named Worst City for Bed Bugs


When it comes to popularity contests, this is one you definitely don’t want to win. This year a new city won top honors for—yuck— bed bug infestations. Baltimore now holds the honor of most bed bug-ridden city in the U.S. …

Play Defense When it Comes to Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetle

If you’ve never heard of the Japanese Beetle, it’s time you made their acquaintance. Chances are they are already burrowed deep in your lawn, or heading there eventually, as they especially thrive in Virginia and Maryland and the surrounding areas.

Winter Prevention is Spring’s Best Medicine

If you think that cold weather and winter months mean a break from bugs or the need for pest control, think again. Whether we have a temperate or extreme winter season, bugs are doing what they do best—preparing for a …

Solutions, Not Resolutions

Now that we’re a few days in to the new year—how are those resolutions going? We won’t depress you with the statistics about how many of us have already bombed on our goals for 2017, but if you’re like most

It’s Not Too Late for the Perfect Christmas Gift

With just a few days to go until Christmas, some of you have probably finished your holiday shopping. But, chances are, a lot of you are still scrambling to buy gifts for family and friends, trying to come up with …

Where Do Bugs Go in the Winter?


Every other season brings a bounty of bugs, but when the cold temperatures come to town, the bugs seem to disappear. So where do they go? Come to find out, it’s somewhat complicated. We have cars that can drive themselves, …