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Fleas: Should I let my Cat Outside?

The warm days of summer brings out one of the most irritating enemies your cat can face. Fleas. They live off of you cats blood and make their lives an itchy nightmare. If you are wondering if you cat has fleas, take a close look at your pet. You might want to grab a fine comb. Since fleas do not care for light, you will want to check your cat’s belly and inner thighs. You are looking for tiny brown insects that are about the size of a pin head. You can also inspect the fur of your cat, you will notice dark flecks by the skin that looks a lot like pepper. What you are seeing is flea feces. Another way to tell if the insect you found in your cat’s fur is a flea is to watch it jump. A flea can catapult its body 7 inches straight up.

I Found Fleas on my Cat, Now What?

Sending your cat outside because it has fleas won’t solve the problem. Fleas will stay with your cat and their eggs fall off in areas where your furry friend likes to spend time. There will be flea larva where your cat sleeps. A single flea can produce 20 to 30 eggs every day. Throughout her lifetime, a female flea will produce several hundred eggs. All of those eggs turn into larva, and in fourteen days they will transform into new adult fleas. It is an awful cycle that you and your pet will soon detest. Even if you send your cat outside, you won’t get rid of the fleas that are already in your home. If the indoor fleas can’t find your cat, they will come after you. The little insects will gladly drink your blood if your cat is not around. The first thing you will notice about an indoor flea infestation is the skin above your socks will be covered in itchy bite marks. If you are looking for Alexandria Flea Control, Green Pest Services is ready to help.

Green Pest Services

When you want to eliminate fleas, Green Pest Services has the professional expertise you need. Our technicians understand the secret lives of fleas. We know where they hide, we understand their live cycle and we know how to get rid of them. When it comes to flea eradication, our technicians have years of experience. We can provide onsite tips to reduce the risk of future infestations. For flea control in Alexandra, think Green Pest Services. When the fleas bite, don’t send your cat outside. Your feline friends are depending on you, so call Green Pest Services and your pets will purr in gratitude and relief.