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Odorous House Ant

Example of Odorous House Ant

If you see swarms of little ants invading your home, you might have an infestation of odorous house ants. If you crush a few and smell rotten coconut, you definitely have an infestation. Odorous house ants love sugary foods. Outside they go after aphid honey dew; inside your soda pop will suffice. They can get into sugar, grains, and cereals. If sugar cannot be found, odorous house ants will eat grease and meats. Indoor infestations are more likely to occur after heavy rains. Ants will seek shelter and that is often your home. They can move their entire nest into the voids within your walls. Colonies can be massive and contain upwards of 100,000 individuals. Your sugar won’t stand a chance.

Signs of an Infestation

If you see a large number of ants, that is the first sign. The most definitive sign is to crush them. If they give off a faint smell of coconut, you know you have an odorous ant problem. If you have ants, Green Pest Services has a solution. Our treatment options are safe for the environment, you and your family, yet hard on ants. Call Green Pest Services today.