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Pest Control: What about my Garden?

Backyard gardening has become a popular way for homeowners to have their own fresh produce. One of the nice things about growing your own produce, is you know exactly how it was grown. One of the problems with growing your own vegetables, are the bugs. There are plenty of insects that can cause your produce harm. If you are looking for way to eliminate pests in your Garden Green Pest Services has a few tips that will keep your garden growing.

Common Garden Pests

  • Squash Bug: If you love squash, you are going to hate the squash bug. Some of the adult carry a sickness called permeant wilting disease. If your squash plant gets the disease it wilts down and dies. One day your squash plant could be vibrant and healthy, the next day it looks like someone let the air out of it. The best way to control squash bugs is to look for the eggs. At dusk head out with a flashlight and look at the underside of the leaves. You will find the adults and red clusters of eggs. Smash them. If you are tempted to purchase a chemical, don’t, adult squash bugs are immune.
  • Corn Root Worm: Your beautiful tall corn will fall to this little beetle. Like their name implies, corn root worm larva eat the roots of your corn. The root damage interferes with the plants ability to uptake nutrients and you won’t be eating very much corn. The adults aren’t any better. They clip the silk on the ears. This reduces pollination and gives you corn cobs with very few kernels. One of the best solutions for this pest is to rotate your corn. When you begin to notice problems, move your corn to a different part of the garden for the next growing season. You can also purchase granules that you put with the corn seed. The granules stay in the soil, near the roots, and kill the larva.
  • Tomato Horn Worm: Tomato horn worm are big, green and have a horn at the end of their body. They love to eat tomatoes, but can be found munching on your potato plants too. Tomato horn worms eat the leaves off your tomato plants. Their damage is easy to spot, because you will see sections of you plants that are stripped of leaves. The best way to control the tomato horn worm is by finding them, taking them off the plant, and killing them with your shoe. They are difficult to find because of their coloring. During the day they like to hide under leaves.

Green Pest Services

If your garden experiences other pests like earwigs, mice, rats, voles, gophers, Green Pest Services can help. Our technicians understand pests. We have years of experience dealing with their eradication. Don’t let garden pests ruin your produce. We can effectively create a barrier around your garden that will help with traveling insects. If rodents or insects are causing you concern, give Green Pest Services a call.