In August 2015, Sam Fuleihan joined the Green Pest Services team and has served as the general manager. His duties in the Virginia branch include everything from administration and staff support to operations, accounting and human resources. He has been a vital part of making the company run smoothly.

“The best part of working at Green Pest Services is the ability to work closely with the technicians and office staff together to provide the best support to our customers,” said Fuleihan. “The office staff and technicians feel like one family and we extend this feeling to our customers. I am not only the general manager but I am also a customer giving back to the community. Volunteering my time and company resources is one thing that I really cherish, it’s giving back which makes us who we are.”

As the general manager, Fuleihan immediately jumped on board when Green Pest Services launched its volunteer charity initiative and enjoys serving as best he can. Fuleihan has been living in Virginia for more than 14 years. He is blessed with a loving wife, son and daughter who mean the world to him. On his free time he enjoys painting, drawing, and traveling.

Green Pest Services would like to thank Sam for all his hard work and dedication. His drive to do whatever it takes to improve the company is what makes us proud to have him on our team. He is a joy to work with and we know the rest of the office feels the same. Thank you Sam for giving us your best and we look forward to working with you for many more years!