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Where Rats Originated

Fairfax, Virginia is a treat for the eyes with incredibly beautiful scenery and spectacular lakes to recreate on. Enjoying Lake Accotink and Burke Lake are a peaceful and relaxing way to spend a day off. Rats will never give you a day off however, they will fight and fight to get into your house if you have what they need. Rats can be found just about anywhere on this earth. If you think your home is safe from a rat infestation, you’re sadly mistaken. Rats are impressively talented at breaking into homes, businesses, sheds and barns. Rats have been doing this for centuries. Where exactly did rats come from? Green Pest Control technicians has extensive information on all things rodent and is here to answer this.

History of Rats

In today’s world, rats are prevalent worldwide but it didn’t used to be that way. Rats are native to Asia. Migrating to Europe via merchant ships, the black rat was the first to be introduced. Common around shipyards, rats began moving from docks to the cities. During the 13th century, rats helped spread the Bubonic plague, a disease that killed more than ⅓ of the citizens of Europe.

In the 13th century, the brown rat, also known as the Norwegian rat, made its way from Asia to Europe. It is bigger than the black rat and more predatory, thus driving the black rat out of the cities as it claimed its territory. As the United States was colonized and ships arrived from Europe, they brought with them these rats, which soon inhabited North America. It may seem unbelievable for rats to spread like this but given that a female has 20-30 babies per litter and can give birth several times a year. Can you see how just one rat can multiply rather quickly?

Keep The Rats Out

If one pregnant rat gets into your house, can you see the damage that can be done? Within a few short months you could have dozens of rats and within a year, hundreds of rats. If you suspect a rat infestation, you need to call the professionals at Green Pest Services for rodent control ASAP. Not only do rats multiply quickly, but they carry deadly diseases and are quite destructive. Green Pest Services has effective preventative measures to keep the rats from coming in. Give us a call today to protect your home and family from this troublesome pest.