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7 Amazing Facts About Ants

The second you see ants scurrying about through your kitchen, your initial reaction is one of annoyance and disgust. Your first thought is to remove the infestation immediately with the help of your trusted Bethesda ant control experts at Green Pest Services. That is a normal reaction, but what you probably don’t think about when you see ants is how amazing they are. Yes, they ARE amazing but that’s the last thing we think of when they come waltzing in for our goodies. Ants are rather incredible and here are some reasons why:


1-Ants have been Around Hundreds of Millions of Years

Ants are one of the oldest species still living on our earth. Scientists can date the existence of ants back as far as the Cretaceous period, which is 110-130 million years ago. They have seen some incredible things in their species’ lifetime.


2-Ants can Carry 50 times their Body Weight

Relative to their size, ants can carry objects 50 times larger than them. This would be the same as a man lifting a midsize car over his head.


3-Ants have Conquered the Globe

Other than the Arctics, ants have made their way onto the other 6 continents and spread themselves to almost every inhabitable space available. They reproduce rapidly and and spread their numbers far and wide.


4-Ants Communicate with Scent

Ants have a language they can easily follow and that is by the use of pheromones. If they find food, they release a scent that practically screams to the other ants, “Come quick! Dinner is ready!” This is why suddenly one ant in your kitchen can turn into 500 in a minute.


5-More ants Than Humans on the Planet

Scientists estimate that there are as many as 1.5 million ants to every 1 human being on this planet. Isn’t that incredible to imagine? Ants are so numerous on this earth that the total weight of all ants surpasses that of all humans.


6-Soldier Ants can Plug the Entrance of the Colony to Keep out Intruders

If there is a threat nearby, soldier ants will do everything in their power to plug the entrance of the nest so nothing can harm the queen and all the eggs.


7-Ants can Live for a Long Time

Many species of ants only live for a few short weeks, but others can live up to several years. Queen ants have a longer lifespan, some of which can live as long as 30 years. If you’re hoping to wait out your ant infestation, that may not be a good idea.


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