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Termite Solutions


termite infographic

Termites are a big deal here in Virginia. I am sure you have either personally been affected by them or know someone who has. Because termites can cause so much damage often homeowners our discouraged by potential high cost treatment solutions and end up not protecting their home.

As you can see above it is super easy for these unwelcome guest to invade your home. At Green Pest Services we understand the potential financial risk termites pose. We are committed to finding the best solution for your home without breaking the bank.

If your home is not currently infested with termites the best solution might be installing termite monitoring stations. At Green we are committed using the most up-to-date products. Trellona monitoring stations are not only the most up-to-date but are backed by BASFA, which has 50 plus years of experience.

Don’t wait till you have a problem. Be proactive in protecting your home. Have Green Pest Services install Trellona monitoring stations.