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Are Bugs on the Menu?


This Thanksgiving, millions of Americans will sit down to dinners of turkey, yams, pumpkin pie, and other traditional fare. But while we’re gorging ourselves on our L-Tryptophan-loaded protein, two billion people around the world will be eating insects instead.

Don’t …

Scariest Bugs in Maryland


Around Halloween you have the chance to see some of the scariest costumes ever created. Living in Maryland gives you the bonus of seeing some of the scariest bugs ever created. If you have any creepy crawlies living around your …

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Car

Mice in your car

When it comes to rodent control in your home, it is a year round battle. Keeping them out of your garage, shed and house is vital to the safety of your family as well as protecting your greatest assets. Green

Spooky Bugs


It’s the spookiest time of the year, so we thought we’d share some of the spookiest bugs from around the world. This isn’t stuff for the faint of heart, folks, and it’s not sci-fi, either. It’s all real, and it’s …

How To Safeguard Your Pantry From Pests

Safeguard Your Pantry From Pests

Your pantry. It’s the place you keep all the sugary breakfast cereals. It’s where you go to grab the microwave popcorn for you movie night. It’s where the kids sneak to snatch a cookie after school. Your pantry houses much

Most Invasive Virginia Pests


The battle between you and pests is constant. You have to worry about spiders in your home and outdoor insects ruining your lawn, trees and vegetables. To make matters worse, there are also pests that are referred to as invasive. …

Life Hacks—DIY Pest Control


Life hacks have made everything easier. Once reserved for computer tricks and shortcuts, life hacks can now make pretty much everything easier. (Who knew that using soda pop tabs could make your closet more organized?) We think that some of …

Cold Weather Pests


Summer is over and the air is turning colder. Your furnace is getting a workout after 3 full months of inactivity and it’s time to bust out your winter wardrobe. As we retreat inside to our warm houses, there are

Amazing Insects: Flies


Flies are most notably associated with feelings of annoyance, disgust and frustration. But aside from the negative emotions they conjure, they are quite incredible insects. House flies, horse flies, gnats, fruit flies and mosquitoes are examples of some flies that …

6 Trusty Tips to Avoid Pest Invasions


It’s that time of year where the weather is feeling crisper and sweaters are almost a must. Your warm and toasty home is a refuge from the cooler temperatures, but this is also a reminder that the pests outside also …