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Ashburn’s Brambleton Regional Park is open year-round to visitors. Summertime brings out the parks best features. Rec teams play at the softball and baseball fields. Brambleton has soccer fields as well. Golf fans should give the par 72 Brambleton Golf Course a shot. There is a concession stand and drinking fountains for the hot days at the park. Virginia summers are an ideal time for cockroaches to spawn and thrive. Roaches are among the stingiest bugs to get rid of. If you are seeing them, give the Ashburn cockroach control experts at Green Pest Service a call.

Persistent Pests

Cockroaches can theoretically live in any kind of weather. But they thrive during the hot months of the year. Roaches don’t like to be out in the open, preferring to harbor in tight, enclosed spaces. Unlike us, roaches are happiest when they are hidden in small cracks and crevices. They are also sensitive to light. If you manage to see one during the day, you probably have an infestation nearby. Even if you are a clean freak, roaches will find something to eat in your house. They will eat less obvious things like soap, toothpaste, or even hair. Roaches are dirty and will contaminate food or surfaces they come in contact with. These guys are famous for living even without their heads.

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Green Pest Services: A No-Brainer

Don’t treat for the roaches on your own. The over-the-counter products won’t do the trick. Profession pest knowledge and products are needed for cockroach infestations. You have both at your disposal with your Ashburn cockroach control service. Green techs are 10 year roach removal vets. They know where to find them and how to best deal with them. You can be sure that they will give you the best results—a roach free residence. Our products are the safest in the industry and won’t harm you or the environment. We also have a money back guarantee. Call and get your roach control done today.

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